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About Me

Hi and Welcome!!

I’m Lori and I’m addicted to being in my kitchen!!  I think I spend more time in the kitchen than any other place in the house.   I absolutely LOVE to make all kinds of foods-sweets, breakfast, party foods, dinner, appetizers you name it I’ll make it.

I’m also addicted to Pinterest.  If I’m not in my kitchen, I’m probably on  If you’d like to follow me, here is my Pinterest Home Page.

I’ve had a passion for cooking since I was in my early teens and I haven’t skipped a beat since.  I still have my very first cookbook which I will pass on to my kids (hopefully my love for cooking will resonate with them as they get older). 

A little more about my background.  Around June of 2016 I was laid off.  I never thought that could happen to me.  But boy when it did I freaked out.  I had no idea what I was going to do.  I decided to take a few months off and just enjoy it and try to figure things out.  Well that few months has now turned in almost 9mths lol.  Wow, has it really been that long??  Time has just flown by. 

I’ve enjoyed not working so much that I’ve wracked my brain on trying to figure out a way for me not to go back to an 8-5 desk job.  I’ve tried and thought about a handful of things, but obviously they didn’t work out.  I really wanted to do something different, but I didn’t have a clue what.  But what I do know, is that I want the freedom!  I came across a Pin on Pinterest about being a blogger.  As I dug deeper, it hit me like a ton of bricks….”I could be a food blogger”!!  This was perfect for me considering how much I love food and how much I love to cook!  Only downfall is that I had no clue about how to set up a website.  I pretty much started from scratch and spend hours upon hours of researching and note taking.  I wouldn’t say I have it all down yet, but I’m getting there.  Considering my lack of expertise in web design, I’d say I’ve done a pretty good job so far.  So here I am….here in my little Red Head Corner working hard to bring you great recipes that I hope you will enjoy.

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